Lesson From Giraffe

Baby giraffes never go to school.
But they learn a very important
lesson rather early in life. A
lesson that all of us would do
well to remember. The birth of
a baby giraffe is quite an earth-
shaking event. The baby falls
from its mother's womb, some
eight feet above the ground. It
shrivels up and lies still, too
weak to move. The mother
giraffe lovingly lowers her neck
to smooch the baby giraffe. And
then something unbelievable
happens. She lifts her long leg
and kicks the baby giraffe,
sending it flying up in the air
and tumbling down on the
ground. As the baby lies curled
up, the mother kicks the baby
again and again until the baby
giraffe, still trembling and tired,
pushes its limbs and for the first
time learns to stand on its feet.
Happy to see the baby standing
on its own feet, the mother
giraffe comes over and gives it
yet another kick. The baby
giraffe falls one more time, but
now quickly recovers and stands

Mama Giraffe is delighted. She
knows that her baby has learnt
an important lesson: Never
mind how hard you fall, always
remember to pick yourself up
and get back on your feet.
Why does the mother giraffe do
this? She knows that lions and
leopards love giraffe meat. So
unless the baby giraffe quickly
learns to stand and run with the
pack, it will have no chance of

Most of us need to learn from
the baby giraffes. We need to
learn to stand up every time we
fall. When we fail, when we are
down, we just give up. No one
kicks us out of our comfort
zone to remind us that to
survive and succeed, we need to
learn to get back on our feet.



  • I was going to answer you but I got distracted by something and forgot

  • My inbox fucked up and ate the message

  • I have nothing else interesting to say

  • I suck at socialising and don't know how to reply

  • I get a lot of messages and it takes a while to get through them


  • I hate you and never want to see you again

Reasons to Write Something Everyday

Yes, We need to write something everyday ... not to impress someone but to express ourselves  .

Today I found 17 Reasons to write something new everyday .. Thanks to Joe Bunting.

In his article, He motivates how someone can write everyday and how someone can achieve their dreams by writing day by day .

Here we go...

1. Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect (yet).

Stop being such a perfectionist and write something. Write gibberish. Write terrible rhymes. Write whatever you’re thinking. Write about what’s around you. You can edit it later. All good writing is choosing the best words out of the bad words anyway. Go write a lot of bad words (pun intended if that’s what it takes to get you started).
2. Writing is relaxing.

When you’ve had a long day, writing is one of the best ways to decompress. Let yourself get a little sleepy, a little loose, and then let the words flow. You actuallywrite better when you’re groggy, not fully awake, and relaxed.
3. You’re going to get rejected no matter what.

You’re more likely to get into Harvard than to get your short story published by a top literary magazine. However, rather than let that discourage you, let it free you up from perfectionism. You have nothing to lose now. Since you’re going to be rejected no matter what, you can write whatever you want, submit wherever you want, and you’ll be no worse off.

4. Thousands of publications want to publish you.

However, not all literary magazines are so difficult to be published by. According to Duotrope, are 4,368 publications who may want to publish short stories, poetry, and creative non-fiction. There have never been more people in the world who want to publish your work. So go find them.